“Lucky Wheels” DIY Moto Garage

I had a pleasure meeting this guys from Lucky Wheels few days ago. 


Cameron and Ty recently opened up a DIY garage in Los Angeles, the concept behind it is that you pay monthly membership like you do in your local Gym 
( I know I do and one day I will actually use it )  take your bike to this garage and work on it, use all the available tools around and trust me I saw lots of toys that will help you to build a bike or work on your old one, starting with something as simple as fluid change or weld some shit together  to put your next custom scoot on the road.  
No meter what you ride, or your knowledge in mechanical stuff, you’re welcome to go hang out and meet this guys, did I mention they have a pool table on the second floor ? its awesome check them out 


few images that will help you to get an idea of a space  

"Lucky Wheels" DIY Moto GarageGuy Mokia

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